The Palmer

A vintage reproduction of the classic 1914 international England rugby shirt

Each jersey starts as a spool of raw cotton. This is loomed into jersey fabric by local craftsmen, ensuring we control the quality at every stage of the manufacturing process for a truly authentic retro-styled garment.

Details of this classic England shirt include stunning embroidery of England’s rose emblem on the chest and also featuring an appliqué patch documenting Poulton Palmer’s player statistics. Additionally, beneath the turned collar hides a beautiful nape embroidery detail commemorating the player’s debut.

The result is a unique retro jersey tailored for a contemporary audience.

100% British made in our manufacturing facility here in the Midlands, with yarn spun in the same building.

Limited Edition range with only 250 jerseys available!

We have reduced the price to support or Manufacturers during this difficult time.



Ronald Poulton Palmer


Considered to be the “finest three-quarter” of his generation, Ronald Palmer was a skilful centre renowned for his elusiveness and glamourous style of play. Having earned his college stripes representing Balliol College (Oxford University RFC) he went on to feature for Harlequins and Liverpool FC respectively at club level. His university record was outstanding, creating an “unequalled partnership” with Billy Green that would later bloom into an international pairing, setting a still unbroken record of scoring five tries in a single Varsity Match and forcing himself into consideration for the national fifteen.

The very mention of swerving sends one's thoughts to the late Ronald Poulton, the swerver par excellence ... swerving and Poulton are almost synonymous terms.

Size guide

Small91.44 - 96.5273.66 - 78.7492.71 - 97.79
Medium96.52 - 101.678.74 - 83.8297.79 - 102.87
Large101.6 - 106.6883.82 - 91.44102.87 - 110.49
XL106.68 - 114.391.44 - 101.6110.49 - 120.65
XXL114.3 - 121.92101.6 - 111.76120.65 - 130.81
Small36 - 3829 - 3136.5 - 38.5
Medium38 - 4031 - 3338.5 - 40.5
Large40 - 4233 - 3640.5 - 43.5
XL42 - 4536 - 4043.5 - 47.5
XXL45 - 4840 - 4447.5 - 51.5