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About us

Made in England. Born of Rugby.

The Rugby Company is the brainchild of founder and CEO, Jeremy Moore. A keen schoolboy player and achieving county selection, his only regret is not playing longer! Growing up and being schooled in Rugby harboured a lifelong love of the game.

As with most of the great ideas, the lightbulb moment took place in a pub (a pub in Rugby town centre no less). An afternoon drink with an old friend would gain Jeremy a business partner and evolve into the formation of The Rugby Company.

Black and white photo of company owners
Machine in action, spinning the fabric
Striped fabric roll

Later they would be joined by another friend who would complete the trio of partners and with her background in garment production, springboard the enterprise from an interesting idea, into a tangible reality.

The Rugby Company would celebrate the golden era of the game by studying and reproducing vintage rugby jerseys - each one telling the story of a legendary player. Truly a local endeavour, all Jerseys are manufactured within 30 miles of the fields on which Webb Ellis first picked up the ball and “with a fine disregard for the rules of football”, ran with it!

Fabric vintage sleeve pattern
Sewing machines
The Palmer folded fabric
Sewing machine worker

Each garment is carefully researched for historical authenticity before being meticulously recreated by local craftsmen and women. Unlike the mass-produced and scientifically tailored ‘second-skins’ rugby players wear today on international duties, in the last century, not only did the handmade nature of the shirts guarantee each nationality would have a very different form, but each player would sport a jersey with individual characteristics.

Close up image of Scottish rugby shirt badge

The Rugby Company commemorates the players who were the trail-blazers, the entertainers and those who shaped the sport into the game today as we know it.

All this because we are born of Rugby.